Whirpool is a known America brand which has occupied the Indian electronics market decades before. They have stepped in the Air condition category in India around 80s, since then they are trying their best to capture the market. Their ACs are known for their innovative design and powerful make and they have a lot of options for both split and window ACs.

If you are planning to buy the best Whirlpool AC in India, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are covering the best of best ACs from them. The products chosen by us are best in terms of cooling efficiency, price, features, modes, material quality etc.

For finding out the best one we have personally tested them and looked for Whirlpool AC review from various websites and existing customers. So, let’s start with the Whirlpool AC Review.

Our Choice

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Features/Technology Used In Whirlpool ACs

Down below you will find information about what technology and design the Whirlpool ACs have. This will also help you understand what is the uniqueness of this AC and how well they will fight against the summer heat. All these features have made them fall under the category of best AC in India.

1. 6th Sense® IntelliComfort Technology

6th sense intellicomfort technology

The split ACs from Whirlpool come with an advanced 6th sense Intellicomfort technology. It comes in a smart embed logic chip inside the air conditioner. It aims to rid you off all the varies of setting the temperature settings for for a higher or a lower than normal humid day.

The technology works for faster cooling by enabling a smart communication between the indoor and outdoor unit to adjust and adapt the AC Operations on basis of humidity levels in your surrounding. For example, when the indoor unit sense a high humidity level than it communicates with the outdoor unit to increase the condensation and lower the fan speed and vice-versa. This ensures your room is always cool with no humidity. Further, this kind of technology proves to be very useful in India during the monsoon season when the humidity levels are too high.

2. 3D Cool Technology

In standard ACs, there is a single vent to remove the hot air from the room which decreases its cooling efficiency. But in the innovative whirlpool ACs there is a three dimensional system. For the same, they apply 3 air vents system that pulls out all the hot air from the room much faster and thus aid efficient and faster cooling. Further, with multiple vents the heat exchange rate is much faster which ultimately gives you faster cooling, reduces the pressure of refrigerant gas loss, and produces less noise.

Studies show that with 3 vent 3D system, you will get 40% faster cooling, up to 12m long air throw, and cools your room even at 55°C. Not only this it is also seen when your room is cooled up faster than there is less usage of electricity.

3. 4-in-1 Filtration With Anion Shield

Particulate matter(PM) 2.5, is the most common pollutants found in India homes. These pollutants are a major cause of nasal allergies, throat irritation, cough, chronic bronchitis, reduction in smooth lung functioning, etc. The Whirlpool AC not only cools your place but also aid to fight against these pollutants.

It ensures removal of 99% of harmful PM2.5 contaminants with its progressive 4-in-1 Filtration with Anion Shield. This ensures that the air inside your room is cool, germ free and hygienic. The 4 layers of filter are explained below in detail:

1. HD High-density Filter : This aims to remove the small tiny dust particles from the air

2. Anion filter: This aims to remove all the PM2.5 pollutants. In this range, it removes the bacteria’s, virus, dust mites, mildews, and other small pollutants.

3. Silver filter: This aims to remove the PM2.5 and other strains of bacteria’s that are not removed by the anion filter.

4. Activated Carbon odor filter: This aims to remove the bad odor form your room.

This way the best whirpool AC makes sure that not only your room is cool but also your health is safe and sound.


Most of region in India suffer from load shedding or long power cut issues. And the ordinary ACs don’t work with the inverters. Looking into this need the best whirlpool ACs have comes up with an intellisense advanced Inverter Technology.

This technology adapts to your cooling needs while reducing electricity usage. With this technology you can have a lifetime savings of up to INR 62000 on your electricity bill. Further, the technology is also designed to adapt to voltage fluctuations which is another major problem in many Indian regions. It can easily handle the voltage fluctuation from 140-264V. Whenever, a low or high voltage is deducted the unit cuts off the power supply, and again restart with already set functions once the voltage is normal.

All these functioning makes the AC stabilizer-free and noise free too. In addition to all this, this technology also aims to protect vital components of AC from voltage fluctuations. You don’t need a stabilizer if you have a  power range between 140-264V in your area. But if its beyond this limit than you might need a stabilizer.

5. Copper Condenser

Copper is the most desired material for AC’s condenser. But the copper quality should be premium class. A copper condenser aims to enhance the life of your AC and also aid in cooling as the heat exchange rate for copper wires is much better than others.

Whirlpool ACs uses the premium class copper wires in their condenser. These condensers are much easier to maintain and use. Statistics suggests the copper condensers last you for around 9-11 years if they are maintained and used well.

6. Wi-Fi Enabled

The idea of smart home has already entered the Indian market. With this feature you can control your appliance from anywhere using your smartphone. All in all its a luxury feature to have access to your appliance from anywhere and at any time.

Most of the new whirlpool AC models comes  with this wi-f enabled  smart feature. They let you set your room to your favourite temperature from anywhere via your Smartphone. For this you need to download a Whirlpool App on your phone and connect your AC with your wi-fi.

The Wifi Connectivity in Whirlpool ACs gives you the ease of operating key functionalities like switching on or off, setting temperature, easy scheduling and even tracking your dust filter. This makes the whole maintenance process much easier. It proves most handy when you want to slow down/off the AC in the middle of the night and you don’t have the courage to get out of your bed.

7. Turbo Cool

The new advanced ACs from whirlpool come with an advanced MPFI(Multi port fluid injection) technology with a 4*4 circuit design. This circuit aims to get rapid heat exchange rate and much faster cooling. Further, the tubro cool along with MPFI aids to rapidly cool your place by taking the fan speed to the highest and cooling your room in just few minutes. This feature is very handy when you come to your home from the scotching heat of the sun and you want to cool your room and relax instantly.

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